So I’m asked, how do you control bleeding in your tracks? Bleeding is a term used in music to describe when un-wanted noise from an instrument, voices or any outside noise, finds its way into your mix. What can be done to limit outside noise is proper sound- proofing of a sound room, or if multiple instruments are being recorded at the same time, you may want to isolate the individual pieces with gobos. Gobos are moveable sound diffusers or absorbers or both, that are designed to re-direct or soak in sound waves that are produced by another instrument or sound from anything else. There are many different types of gobos, and having the right one for you needs to be determined by a sound engineer who has the right equipment to check your room(s), but that’s another subject. Though you may not prevent all of bleeding when recording, there are some analog and digital instruments available to clean up any strays. I’ll describe more about absorption and diffusion in another blog. Also, feel free to ask questions about any topic concerning music or recording. I’d loved to hear what you may have.

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