Let’s start things off with what’s the definition of an icon. Webster’s definition of an icon is: a person or thing widely admired especially for having great influence or significance in a particular sphere. So what’s the reason for me to have a discussion on this topic? Well I’m glad you asked. Too many times you hear about different individuals, especially in the music community, being labeled as being an icon. Why is that? Has that person actually made a great influence or significance in the music community or is it that they’ve made an impression on you and you want them to have that label placed on them. Here’s what I’ve noticed. A new generation of artists have created a work that has stirred some excitement in many listeners, and for that reason, some believe that they should be considered an icon. My question to that is, how long will these artists continue to hold this particular influence? Will they continue to transcend over decades like some others have, ie.; Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra? These are some of the greatest iconic artists ever, who by the way, are still considered the bar to reach. Am I saying that their aren’t any more iconic figures today? On the contrary. What I am saying is that we shouldn’t label them as being iconic without a record of longevity behind them. These are just some of my views. What are some of yours?


So you may ask, how does #gunsafety relate to music? I’m glad that you asked. Firstly, if you take a close look at our videos today, you’ll find that the majority of the content has a plethora of automatic weapons in them which is a magnet to our young people. The over glamorization of owning those types of weapons mislead our youth into believing that they need to get them in order to be accepted into the in crowd. And if not, then they will be bullied and pressured into acquiring one. Owning a gun is a right for those who are of the right age and are responsible. They are dangerous and are not toys to be played with. They are for protection, hunting, and sport. Not for use in harming others. Proper education should be given before purchasing. Semi- automatic guns are for the military and possibly law enforcement. Not for displaying in the public. This post will probably be taken the wrong way, but as a veteran, father, and grandfather, I take #gunsafty serious. This is not for political purposes or gaining attention , it’s for the love of life for everyone. Let’s make a difference.