#CreativeWorksOf #Music

So to start this discussion off, I want to make clear what exactly it is that I am talking about. Here it is. There are many forms of #music in this world that we live in. Depending on where you are, you may get more of your country’s style of #music than others, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate others. This is not a who has better #music. This is a who’s making #quality #music. Let’s face it. We are experiencing an influx of rushed distractions. (And I’m trying to be polite.) I mean there are some really good artists out here who are rushing some good songs that should be great songs. The problem is is that they are to anxious about getting it out, and not concerned about making it right. Yes, you can get listeners, but if you take your time, you’ll have faithful followers, ie.; Beyoncé. What makes #quality #music? I would venture to say that it is that time that you spend when you are up all night, can’t get it out of your head, have to get it right masterpiece that will transcend decades after it has been released to the world. Songs like: Hey Jude (Beatles), What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye), Isn’t She Lovely (Stevie Wonder, etc.. Though you weren’t there at it’s inception, you still have the opportunity to hear those masterpieces from the artists who took the time to construct them. And most importantly, you appreciate the fact that they didn’t rush to get them out (much like some of what we’re getting now. Don’t get me wrong. Some of today’s #music is nicely crafted. But some of them lack the substance of greatness. What I am attempting to say is, we should put more time into creating our songs/#music. Quality is always better than quantity. And some of you know what I’m talking about. I’ve only listed a couple of artists and songs and I’m certain that they’re thousands more. They are there for us to take notes from and also encourage us to believe in what we want to do. It’s okay if you only put out a single. Just let that single be the definition of who you truly are. Your rewards will be greater for it than for a host of hopefuls that were rushed. Make your work be an inspiration to the next new artists who’ll have the opportunity to hear what you took the time to craft.


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