#Music and #Drugs

So…. I’m probably touching on a very touchy subject, but it deserves conversation. Let me begin by stating that this is in no way an attempt to criminalize the use of drugs, because that is another issue in itself. What I would like to address is , why is the use of drugs so prevalent in the music community? Given the history of deaths, because of the misuse of drugs by some of our most famous and upcoming artists, why hasn’t something been addressed on how to correct whatever the problem may be? It’s puzzling to me that there doesn’t appear to be a movement on finding out what can be done to help resolve this issue. I do understand that the choice is solely on the individuals who use, but don’t you think that there is an underlying reason in why the decision to use, began? How about the families who suffered the loss of that love one, because of the misuse of whatever drug choice was made? Don’t you think that they deserve some type of explanation? Can we at least suggest offering some type of counseling to artists who feel they may need help? This isn’t an individual race issue, it’s a human race issue! Let’s do something!

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