I probably don’t need to tell any of you much about this one, but it is a necessary evil. A performance, or your performance, is crucial to you in so many ways. First, it allows your audience see your talent and all the special pieces you put together, in order to wow the crowd. Second, it displays all the hard work you put in to give a great show. What you are doing now, is building your brand and growing followers who enjoy what you are putting down. A performance is the accomplishment of long rehearsals, late nights, unnecessary conflicts, and satisfaction when it’s done right. A performance shows that you care about how you are viewed and received, both during and after the show. In order to effectively gauge how your career is going to turn out, you must be able to give a performance that no one will ever forget. Here’s to all the hard working performers out there, giving the the public the best that you can give.

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