Don’t ask me where this topic came from, I’m just frustrated with people blaming others for their slow starts. Check it. You’ve been dreaming about becoming a successful artist every since you can remember, and your window of opportunity has approached, but for some reason, everything is going slow. You’ve been honing your craft and posting on your social media sites, asking your friends and family to help spread the word, but you’re not growing in sales. You’ve heard about different posts that haters made pertaining to your music, and automatically conclude that they are the reason for your lack of support. Like they are the ones handling your business. They are the ones who decide who buys your material. You go on a rant speaking about how you feel about them, when in retrospect what you’re doing is giving them free publicity. If you put more effort into boosting your product and marketing yourself better, you’ll see better results. You can’t do anything about what others may say or think, but you can promote you and what you do. I refuse to let someone else dictate how I succeed. Stop complaining, build yourself a good business plan and market yourself where everyone will get a chance to hear you. It may not stop the talking, but if they’re talking about you, then that means somebody is checking you out to see if it’s true. And what do we call that? Good marketing strategy. How do you feel now? Just saying.

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