Going back in time is very possible and has been for a long while. We’re just concentrating on the wrong avenues to get there. Just think about it, if you wanted to know about what happened in the 1800’s, you just play a song from that era and allow it to take you on an otherwise impossible trip. And for some, they just want to go back a few decades to remember when they were younger. The creating and developing of music over the years allows us to step back in time and live or relive the past, even for just a few moments to get away from it all. Some musical time machines take you an exact date and time when you fell in love, or that year you first left home. Whatever and however you use your time machine is totally up to you. So the next time you want to go back in time, look into your favorite album, artist, band or compositions, and lose yourself for a while. Happy travels.

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