When an individual pushes his/herself to attain a goal. Similar to gears grinding when they are worked beyond their capacity. –Urban Dictionary

The colloquial use of this term resonates in every human being wanting to succeed. There are two types of individuals. The individuals who prefer nine-to-five type jobs and are satisfied with giving forty hours or more each week with maybe paid vacation and all the benefits. And there are the individuals who step out on faith to make a name for themselves? These entrepreneurs believe that what they have to offer the world, the world wants and needs it. They have a unique product that will revolutionize whatever industry they’re interested in. The latter of the two, I refer to as grinders. These grinders are willing to do whatever they can, to succeed and provide for their families and/or themselves, while contributing to the world. I’m not here to argue about the choices some of these grinders may make. I’m here to encourage everyone who makes the choice to grind for what they believe in. There are thousands of entrepreneurs who had to make a decision, to make the decision to either start off right or wrong. Some results are favorable while others are not. The thing that matters is, the decision was made. If mistakes are made, then it serves as a learning experience. I don’t knock those who work as most of the world does. For someone else. I just admire the ones who want to be like the smaller percentage who go the extra mile. To them, I say thank you and well done. Stay on your grind.

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