I thought that I would dabble with #musicvenues today. What is it, and why does it matter? Broadly speaking, a music venue is any location used for a concert or musical performance. They vary in size and location, from an outdoor bandshell or concert hall to an indoor sports stadium. Typically, different types of venues host different genres of music. Opera houses, bandshells, and concert halls host classical music  performances, whereas public houses , nightclubs, and discotheques offer music in contemporary genres, such as rock, dance , country and pop. Music venues are a great way for you to find new artists in your genre of choice, and also where you can display your talent for others to enjoy. I would like to also include internet sites like YouTube, Instagram, etc.,. Music venues sometimes charge a fee for entrance, and sometimes there is no cover charge at all. But you should always consider the fact that these places cannot operate for free. So, next time you visit a music venue, whether free or with cover, show some love towards the place(s) that open their doors to you. It’s how they make a living.

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