Do you have someone who is interested in what you do? Do they hang-out with you all the time and never want to go home? If you were to ask them to help with setting up or tearing down in the studio, do they look at you strangely, or do they eagerly go to it without question? Then, you probably have a potential assistant engineer in your midst. And if so, then you should probably show them some appreciation for the help the render. It’s possible that they desire to learn from you, and that’s a compliment to you, because you have made a positive impression, and those are rare in some businesses and business owners. That’s the kind of bond every engineer should have with their acquaintances. It will build a strong business, and an even stronger relationship with your assistant(s), because they are going to tell others about how much of a joy it is to be working with you. Appreciation don’t cost you nothing but action. Try it, if you don’t already.

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