Encouraging #Musicians and #Artists In A #Pandemic!

It’s been two years since we’ve been shocked and troubled with an unexpected virus that has taken the world by storm, and artists have responded by launching virtual platforms to keep their audiences somewhat entertained and given relief from their anxieties. What hasn’t been spoken about in depth is the strain on these same artists who have had to find ways to fill obligations in their contracts with their labels while also keeping food on their own tables. Creating music for most of them has never been a big problem, but not being able to give the fans live performances and distributing merch. has placed great strains on revenue for these very same artists, because let’s face it, selling music only brings in a small portion of their income. Without concerts and merchandise, existing and new artists would not be able to afford their team members and themselves, and that would cause most of them to seek additional income elsewhere. Which is why artists adapted to the crisis and adopted the use of the social media platforms and their live capabilities to give you the opportunity to stay abreast with new and existing music that warms and encourages us to push through these trying times. Let’s take the time to thank and encourage all our artists for their creativity in these times. And remember, they are people too!

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