I may lose accounts, connections, and support for this, but enough is enough. Questions like, why is this happening, when will it stop, what else can be done are not being answered, and we are tired. Everyone is held responsible for their own actions, but only if you are impoverished, or of a certain ethnicity. If being free and a citizen of the United States means that we should be mistreated and targeted, then the Constitution is a farce! I struggle to stay active because of the recent pandemic, forcing me to re-think operations of business; but I don’t need additional obstacles brought to my path. #ENOUGHIS#ENOUGH!! WE NEED #CHANGE NOW!!!! We don’t need to be afraid of law enforcement, we need to be able to TRUST that they will protect us from others who want to harm us. We need them to PROTECT AND SERVE! Not ATTACT WITH DISCRIMATORY MALICE!!! We want change, and wwe want it now.

I’ve said what I said and I will not take it back!!!!!


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