It’s disheartening to have to remind human beings that lives matter. Why do we behave in this manner? Since the beginning, we have been fighting amongst each other, only to try and prove who is greater. Well, I have news for you. There is none greater than God! He created everything before man so that he could not claim to have done anything. Then when he did created us, we were all created equal.  He said that we were to love one another, not disenfranchise on another. It seems that when a particular ethnic group endeavers to better themselves, there is another group trying to tear them down. Speaking about America, from the time it was so called discovered, the inhabitants who were already here were wiped out because they were different or misunderstood. Then another group of people were brought here, against their will, and robbed of their dignity, language and home. In fact, they weren’t even considered human, just property. And when others with humanity in their hearts spoke against the way these people were treated, war broke out to keep things the way they were. The war against freedom was won, but a new bondage was created to keep the newly freed people as a lower class of people. Without having to go through a history lesson, the very ones who were considered lower class turned out to be the very ones who built this country. But that didn’t change a thing. They are still mistreated, imprisoned, segregated, and killed. Is this the America I fought for and gave my life for? The land of the (free) and home of the brave? When? When will it all end? And if you are one of the very ones who support this type of behavior, then don’t even try to imagine getting into heaven. Yet, I still pray for you. I should be writing about the musical industry and how to improve our skills, but I’m a Black Man, and I refuse to sit on the sidelines and remain silent. God Bless!!

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