How many of you are feeling the financial pressure of being “closed because of not being considered essential?” Who determines what is or isn’t essential? I believe that if you depend on your studio to pay the bills, then you are essential. If you can’t operate to bring in revenue, then the creditors will place you in default, and ultimately collect your possessions for payment. I don’t know about you, but I invested too much money into my craft, to let somebody come and take it away from me. And let’s not talk about personal loans or consolidation loans. The smaller you are, the less likely it will be for you to obtain one. Now, how can you jumpstart the economy like that? They may as well tell you to find another trade to pursue. And at my age, that’s not feasible. I need to be given a chance to show you my business creativity on how to operate safely and effectively during these times. I shouldn’t have to throw my dreams away just because you don’t deem it necessary or essential. How is your job better than mine? How about you go back to school and start all over? Really?!!!! Let’s have some responses.

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