I am on a different path this year. I’m moving forward to accomplish my goals. If I may quote the Bible, If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are past away behold, all things become new”. I’ve always been a follower of Christ. I’m not perfect, but I continue to trust Him and work on treating my fellow man, right. With that said: If I bless you with a tune or song, that item is yours. If you are in the lab with me while I’m working on something for myself, you do not have the right to create a song to that tune, unless you’ve bought it. What you’re doing is stealing, and I can’t stand a thief. Also if I find out that you’re doing it you are no longer welcome in my studio. I don’t care if you are wanting studio time. Your money is not the only money out there and I won’t miss it. Check yourself at the door.


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