Running a studio can be a challenge. Beginning with the equipment necessary to operate, which is pretty easy, because of how technology has evolved. But also you need somewhere to work out of, and the acoustic treatment needed for good sound. But let’s get back to the necessary equipment. What exactly do you need and how much is it going to cost? Some will tell you that all you need is a laptop computer and a good microphone and interface. That’s good for starting out, but what about after you have gotten good at what you’ve been working with and it’s time to upgrade? How do you know what equipment to acquire? Ok, so you need a better microphone, a more powerful computer, and a better interface. But how do you know which ones to get? You can ask an attendant at the music store, and trust that they are not just selling a product that needs to go, or search the Internet to find equipment used by professionals who are well known. The truth is, everyone has their own personal taste, and there is no one way. Trust your ears, and create your own sound, and go to events that feature the equipment you’re interested in. That is my take on this subject.

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