#Train #Encourage #Motivate

Growing up in an era where the radio, instruments, and records played a majority of entertainment for me, my direction was practically laid out for who I was gonna be. For others , it may be sports, theater, or something else. But for me, it was always music. I remember listening to the radio and singing along with the songs played on the record player, yes I said record player. I was also motivated by our local church choir, in which I was told that I was too young to join at the time. I didn’t see it as a slight. I only said that I have a little time to get better, then I’m gonna blow them away! Everything was music for me, so I joined the band in school, took up the piano, and yes, sang in the choir. I didn’t receive any discouragement from my family or friends. My biggest problem was opportunity to get to the next level. Home studios were not yet possible, and I didn’t know anyone who could get me exposure. But that still didn’t discourage me. Why, because I knew who I was supposed to be. I studied and studied everything that was available to me, and watched many shows and others perform so that when the time came, I would be ready. Now, I’m well on my way. But, maybe others can use this story to motivate themselves to train and encourage others to keep working on their dreams. What’s your story? Reply in the comments below.

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