I remember when recording yourself on a cassette recorder was the best thing to happen since sliced bread. All you needed was a recorder and time. Sure, the quality was poor, but you weren’t professional so that didn’t matter. As time progressed though, home recording got better, and now you are able to own your own studio. How great is that? For those who are taking this opportunity seriously that sounds great, but sadly, there are some who aren’t serious enough to learn even the basic things. And because of that, home studios don’t get the credit they deserve. How do you know who to take seriously and what do you look for in a home studio? Well…. I’m glad you asked. Ask the engineer how long have they been doing this. Do they have a website or page where you can observe their work. If not, ask them if they have any recordings for you to listen to. This will allow you to judge their quality and professionalism. I understand that it may not have the wow factor or bling like other studios, but with all the plugins being developed, a computer and a good mike and mic pre is basically all that’s needed. Sure you should know about soundproofing or someone who does to block out outside noise and reflection and refracting waves, but other than that, you have a working studio. My suggestion to you, if you’re searching for one, do your research. It will save you time and money.

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