The worst feeling in the world is when you’ve worked your behind off for a client, getting his/her project finished before its’ launch date to the public, and your computer crashes. You’re in a panic trying to remember whether or not you pushed command/control s before it happened. You still have the original and some copies of what you have done before the finished product, but this particular mix and master had been partially instructed by the artist and producer, and it’s going to come out of your pocket if you have to get them back in. You’re also hoping that it was backed up on the cloud. What do you do? You’re ahead of schedule so maybe your computer will boot back up after a while. And…… there it is. The client calls wanting to know if his release date is still on schedule. You’re in a panick, do I tell him about the computer problem, or do I give him a false sense of security by saying that everything is still good?

Okay folks, let’s hear solutions.

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