#ToHaveOrNotToHave #Drummers

Is it possible to have a band without a drummer? With today’s innovation, I would say yes, but with that being possible, does that make the band better or worse? I really need to hear from bands that have or don’t have drummers, and have them share how they are affected by it. What would really be dope is having the drummers to chime in on their pros and cons about what is or isn’t better. Now single artists may not have a need for a drummer because they mostly sing-off tracks and that’s usually a beat machine with pre-recorded music, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have their drums recorded by an actual drummer. Some bands believe that if they at least have a bass player, then they can survive without a drummer, but are they right? Let’s look back in time a few years and see what bands operated without a drummer. How about Jonas Hellborg and The Silent Life? Or, maybe John McLaughlin, Paco DeLucia, Al DiMeola – Friday Night in San Francisco. These are truly some great musicians who utilize what they have and make beautiful music. Can anyone suggest some other bands or artists that went drummerless? There seem to be very good possibilities with and without drummers, and whether you have a need for them or not, creative work can still be made. Play on.

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