Humor me for a moment. Getting a contract with one of the larger companies in the industry. Big deal or not? LP, EP, or single. Big deal or not? Group or solo career. Big deal or not? Ok, you get the idea. Why is it that when you make a decision to launch your career, you need to fit into a specific category? Why can’t you just decide to do something and just do it? Why does everyone need to give you directions on your dream? Are they in your head? I appreciate it when you give constructive criticism because that’s helpful, but unless I’ve hired you to manage my career, I need you to stay in your place. What I don’t need is more confusion. And if you feel that your advice is so beneficial, where is your resume´? How many deals have you made? Who do you know that can help launch my career? Exactly! Be an associate, friend, or support. I’d appreciate that more. I’m just ranting a little, don’t pay me any attention. What are some of your Big Deals?

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