Stressureto have unwanted stress and to be under a significant amount of pressure.

Why would this apply to audio? Simple. Engineers, producers, technicians, and developers, plus many others are under a huge amount of stress and pressure to ensure that all clients get the best quality results of whatever they’re looking for in their products. It has been said that no one notices the sound engineer until something bad happens with the sound. To continue to remain unnoticed, sound engineers go through painstaking sound checks and settings to keep the show(s) flowing and keep the attention off of them. When recording, engineers check all of the instruments being used, before the client(s) appointment, so that he/she won’t be the reason for any delays or problems in the production process. Even when a project is in process, should something occur, the engineer has to have back-ups to keep things going smoothly. There is so much stressure that goes on in the audio profession, and no one ever notices, because everything appears to be running smooth. We’re a growing group of professionals. Can we get some appreciation for your success? It lets us know that you understand how difficult it is doing the job we love and trying to please you.

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