“Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added in film, video, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality”. For those of us who aren’t familiar with what foley does, it is the sound of the wind you hear in a storm, the sound of thunder, waves crashing against the rocks, explosions and the creaking of doors, the sound of footsteps, etc,… It’s everything you experience in a movie or television show that makes you jump. Things that you notice if you were presently there. What it also is, is the embellishment of those sounds to a higher degree, so that it has an effect on the listeners. And what’s so incredible about it, even more, is that it’s all around you. All you need is a recorder, maybe an extension mic, and imagination. After recording whatever you like, you can upload it in your daw, and manipulate to desired taste. Foley is free, but you have to want it enough to put in the work. Not many have the patience and prefer to hire someone to do it for them or purchase them from someone. Either way, foley is an invaluable commodity, and in-demand right now! Something to think about, huh?

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