I’m gonna make a list of how you can get the most out of your studio time with me.

  1. Come 15min. early so that you get all of the time you booked. If you come late, you’re still going to get the time scheduled and charged the same agreed price, so don’t be late. If it’s my fault, I’ll add makeup time at no additional charge.
  2. Come prepared. Nothing eats up time more than having to get organized when you should be recording. Practice should be done on your personal time, not on your recording time.
  3. If you know, let me know what you’re wanting before you come to record, that way I’ll already have everything set up when you come.
  4. Don’t bring any distractions with you, ie.., friends that are not involved in the recording or girlfriends that want your attention while you’re recording. If you want them around that’s fine, but just know that any distractions can slow the recording process for you. I don’t mind the company, I just want you to have an enjoyable experience.
  5. Get your head right before coming into the studio. I don’t know what gets you motivated, and it’s not my business, but I do record different genres of music, and I don’t want to offend any of my other clients. Let’s give them respect, too.
  6. If you complete your recording ahead of time, then you may use the remaining time for editing, if it’ enough time. The less time you spend on takes leads to extra time for other needs. My job is to give you the best experience in my studio, with 100% professionalism.

If you are not completely satisfied, I give a 50% discount or book you for another session if that is what you prefer.  My ambition is to serve you, not beat you out of your money.

It’s more than a recording: It’s your story.

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