I don’t think it’s fair to ask if most of you remember Silent Movies, so I won’t. But, I do have a question concerning the terminology. Why were they called silent movies, when there was music playing in the background? Silence is the absence of sound. I understand that the movies were created without sound, but no one watched the movies without a musical (sound) accompaniment. Could you imagine watching any of your favorite shows without sound? Try it out for yourselves. Turn off everything in the house that makes noise, and mute the television. Try to watch through at least 15 minutes of the program. I understand that those who are deaf do it all of the time, but that is because they were either born that way or suffered a condition or accident that caused it. What I am saying is that sound is crucial in our lives. Even those who can’t hear would love to hear whatever they are missing. What we do as engineers and producers, is very important to everyone. Not only do they want to hear what’s being said or played, but they expect to hear it in quality. That’s why what we produce is important. We are responsible for intensifying our listeners’ experience. All the music, crashes, explosions, arguments, etc.. Even a whisper is important. Don’t ever think what we do is useless. We matter. We’re necessary. We make a difference.

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