#HowManyEngineers Do You Need?

Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but having too many engineers can be both positive and negative.

Let’s look at some positive ones:

  1. You always have other ears to both critique and help when recording. And who doesn’t like a little help in the studio?
  2. They may hear something you don’t, and it may help the project.
  3. And most of all, you’ll need someone to get the take-out that’s two miles away. Ok, forget about this one, lol!

Now let’s look at some negative ones:

  1. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. What I’m saying is everybody has something to add. Let the engineer work, and let the producer/manager give directions unless they’re all the same person.
  2. Too much talking and not enough, listening. Your engineers, do what engineers do, listen. Then if asked, you can give your opinion. Otherwise, shut it!
  3. Everybody has a friend who has never been in a recording studio, and it shows. Ask if it’s ok to bring someone along before the set starts, otherwise leave them home, or wherever else they would choose to be.

Obviously, this is not all the pros and cons, and I’m sure that you could name a few. Yeah, let’s hear some of your pros and cons where you are? You don’t have to expose any names. That can turn, nasty! Or feel free to elaborate on the ones mentioned above.

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