Pointers for choosing microphones in your studio

Hey there! I want to share some pointers that may be useful to you when choosing microphones for your studio. First, you need to know what type of studio it is that you are starting. If you’re just recording vocals sung on a track, then a good quality condenser mic is a good investment. Now, depending on the interface or mic pre you’re using, will determine what you can get away with. But I would suggest a mic that would perform well with multiple vocals, unless you can afford several different mics. Second, understand your frequencies and how to adjust them to your taste. Not every microphone performs the same. Maybe you can have a mic shootout, then choose from the favorites. Thirdly, try to have your studio soundproofed to get a true measurement of the mics potential. You don’t want unnecessary reverberation in your testing. And lastly, have the vocalists that you plan to use available for testing. Maybe someone that you’ve used before and are familiar with. Now if you are recording a full band, then your choice of mics broadens, because you have to have both condenser and dynamic mics. But that’s just my opinion. There are great condensers that can do just as good as a dynamic mic, but having a choice is always good. Certainly there are more tips to use, but here is a starting point.

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