Ok, I was just having a conversation with one of my engineer friends, and he asked me a great question. He said,”Look, beats I’m putting out are 2016 I have many, many more on the way. But I feel I shouldn’t just put them to waste. Now should I just put out the best or all and let people decide. Should I try to keep an image and just put out the ones I feel are bangers. Quality or quantity, but what’s quality, the sound, the arrangement or the vibe? Should I try to please these kids that want the same thing they’ve heard or switch it a little and put my touch. Seems as if it doesn’t sound like a song they’ve heard it’s wack”. (X-CESSIVE BEATS)

What I said to him was, “What I would do is put out some of everything. A little of what they hear most of the time, and some of the ones with your special touch. If they are paying attention, they will notice the other quality sounds”.

Look, I understand if you want to let people know that you have mad beats, but if they are trying to do something with their songs, they should not want to sound like someone else. Originality is keen, and if you sound like everyone else, you can’t define yourself as being unique.

Anton, what you are doing as an engineer is creating sounds that are unique and original. It’s not your fault that this generation is cookie cutter. Continue to create the way you feel the music is coming to you. Eventually, artists who are serious about their sound will come around. I already know what you can produce, it’s their loss if they can’t.

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